- Kamren Zirger -

My First PC

This is the first PC I built for myself! I collected the parts after Christmas of 2013. Considering my budget, I was thrilled to get over 6.5 years of use out of it! I used it for school work (and certainly never played games on it, ever. Seriously. (Maybe.)) and personal projects in my free time. To keep it alive for so long, I made a few upgrades over the years. This PC was certainly a fun project and hobby, and I learned quite a bit building and using it too. Although I possibly had even more fun building my new PC, I will always remember all my late nights of homework (not gaming) that I spent using this computer.

Here are a few shots of my PC in its initial state, long ago:

Later I upgraded my graphics card, RAM, CPU cooler, and added numerous storage drives: